A Tadd bit of fun

Okay — bad pun in the headline. What can I do? All the newspapers have stolen the good ones.

Regardless, I’ve finally found a reason to turn on the Golf Channel and his name is Tadd Fujikawa. All 5-foot nothing of explosive, pimply 16-year-old golfing power, Tadd has character. It came through loud and clear on TV and he was great fun to watch. Not surprisingly, the Golf Channel and media have picked up on the kid in a big way.

Why? Because he’s entertaining and unrestrained, which is more than I can say about most pro golf. has a story about him here.

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  • You mean more entertaining than those lame “These Guys are Good” commercials? The ones that try to make boring middle-aged white guys who have never left the mid-west seem exciting because they wear “outrageous” clothing and can pump their fist? The ones that cause my family members to think that I am even geekier than I am because that’s the best that the PGA can do to project an exciting image?

    Well, if so, than I am hopeful that he keeps it up!

  • Jim
    thanks, that was funny!
    When my wife’s in the other room and hears a roar from the golf telecast, she yells out “The.. Ball …Went…In …The… Hole!”
    It suddenly ALL seems a little geeky.


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