Wie would like to play!

I can’t my hands on a Wii. Neither can she. Can you?

Michelle opened her 2007 season with an 8 over par which means last year’s favourite past-time has already become this year’s. Should she play against the men or not.

Why shouldn’t she? It’s a sponsors right to do what ever they want with the exemptions thy’ve paid for. She’s still a draw so it probably makes sense. The argument that she’s taking up a more worthy player’s spot is pointless.

I listened to Peter Kessler’s interview with Wie on XM yesterday. Acoording to peter she can strike the ball like no one else he has seen since Tiger. According to David Ledbetter, she has an incredible short game. According to Michelle, she loves to play. She’s always been a tomboy and played sports with boys. She won the batting crown in little league baseball – which she was happy to rub in the face of the listeners.

Michelle Wie is definitely mature but then again so is Steve Irwin’s 8 year-old daughter Bindi. Michelle is 17 and sounds like it when ever she is boasting about something in her life be it the batting title or aceing a math test.

If Michelle Wie doesn’t break records while a professional player she’ll become a footnote in history. She’ll be a novelty that amused us for a few years. Remember Ty Tryon? If she ends up accomplishing everything that is predicted for her then everyone will lauds these past few years as a great learning experience.

Let’s see how history treats Michelle Wie. And let’s lay off trying to guide her career. Wie have no say anyway.

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