The Road to the FedExCup starts with a bump

So the first week of the FedEx Cup FedExCup is done, giving golf [photopress:fedexcup_1.jpg,full,alignright]writers a lot to chew on, especially since Vijay Singh doesn’t give a particularly interesting press room interview, unless you think sinking into a plush chair and mumbling a lot is a great interview (though yesterday’s interview sounds a bit more entertaining.)

Tim Finchem was pleased to tell us who won’t be leading the FedExCup points standing. Even if you might care about this in July, does anyone care right now?

Finchem commenting on Woods and Mickelson not bothering to show up:

I am disappointed, and to your point, having a smaller press core here and less eyeballs because Tiger Woods is not at an event is not something that’s a positive any week he doesn’t play.

But having said that, let me just make also another point, which is that somebody’s going to be leading the FedExCup tonight, and it’s not going to be one of those two guys.

And I bet Tiger, sitting with Elin on the Privacy, was pretty upset by that!

Regardless, the PGA Tour might want to examine a spot where the hype for the FedExCup isn’t quite as overwhelming as it was the first week, or maybe golf reporters should learn not to be so myopic. Apparently all Singh was simply bored to the point of being bothered by all the questions from scribblers about the tour’s new promotion:

Singh finished at 14-under 278 and earned US$1.1 million to push him over $50 million for his career. It was his 30th career victory, tying him with Leo Diegel for 16th for career victories on the PGA Tour.

And he earned 4,500 points for the new FedExCup competition, a season-long points race. The tour’s promotion has been so strong that Singh said earlier this week he was tired of listening to it.

“I’m tired of listening to it, you know?” Singh said, speaking for all those who are fed up with the FedExCup.

Lorne Rubsenstein chimes in on the FedExCup here.

Other notes:

Lost in all the FedExCup news was this little tidbit stuck at the end of AP’s story:

Ben Curtis met his target Sunday by finishing his round before the leaders teed off. Playing alone, Curtis was done in two hours, 35 minutes.

I always liked Curtis — now I’m even a bigger fan. More fast play!

And lastly, if you are a Canadian and are wondering when Mike Weir will appear, his website says he’ll play at La Quinta.

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  • One advantage to having the whole tournament broadcast on TGC is that you know it won’t start 20 minutes late because a college basketball game ran long and the end of the tournament won’t be pre-empted to show Heidi! What are they going to do, cut out of a live tournament to show a new informercial?

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