Get a grip! And Tiger tales!

Hi folks,

It’s been a while, but, like the PGA season, I’m back!

I did a Phil Mickelson and didn’t touch my clubs for a couple of months. Two weeks ago I decided to start working on my 2007 swing. I headed over to the simulators at Carruther’s Creek and teed it up at “Harbourtown”.

With just my first few swings, my old friend the slice came back for a visit. Slowing it down helped for a while but then the ball path started hooking…hooking. The round was outta control untill…ta da! I changed from an overlapping grip to an interlokcing grip and the ball and Fairway Stevie was back! Yes sir, I was smacking those babies down the middle of the left side of the fairway and geeting the ball to the green in regulation. By the time the round was done, I had shot an 83 and all was good.

Last weekend I went back and played “Cog Hill.” I took a few mulligans as I continued to tweak the swing but things were looking pretty good. I’ve been going to the gym regulary and have been hitting my 3-iron consistently over 200 yards for the first time. A world of possibilities are opening up. I shot an 85.

Can’t wait to tee it up again.

In other news, I joined the Tiger Club and have asked if he plans on building public courses affordable to the common man. I’ll let you know what he has to say. Yeah, right!

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