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I received a note from G4G’s esteemed publisher today that Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun had a shout out to this blog in today’s paper. Here’s what Rob had to say (throwing a shout to my man Bob at Score:

The world of blogs may be the newest medium for sports info, but they are far from the most reliable. The Internet is rife with versions that are mindless, ill-informed drivel.

Some read like leftovers not good enough to make it into a newspaper column or broadcast.

When well-done, however, blogs can be a good, informative read as two chronicling the Canadian golf scene have shown.

Bob Weeks of Score Golf adheres to the key rule of blogdom providing almost daily updates on his version located at You might be surprised by some of the famous names that drop by with replies.

For something a little more edgy, Robert Thompson dishes out an at-times harsh look at the sport in his

Always nice to get props. I had no idea Mr. Longley was a G4G reader. Now here’s a little known fact: My first job at a real newspaper was interning at the Sun’s sports section in 1997. I doubt Rob remembers me, but I remember him.

Longley’s full column is here.

Anyway, G4G’s regular material will return on Jan. 2 with my round up of the best of modern Canadian golf.

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