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[photopress:Robert_Thompson_Scotland2_1_2.jpg,full,alignleft]Nigel, who runs the Illogical Golf Blog, has posted an interview with me about G4G, golf, and the world of golf blogs. The interview was done through email, and I think the questions Nigel raises are interesting. He’s been spending a lot of time lately examining the world of blogging and trying to get a sense of what impact golf blogs are having.

From my perspective, though I doubt more people read this site than saw my column in the National Post, there’s obviously a lot more interaction with me than I ever had in the past. At the Post the occasional person would take the time to write me with their issue/complaint (you rarely receive an accolade if someone writes you about a column), but G4G is designed to be more interactive. Thus, people can rip me, debate with me and comment on any issue, from whether National Pines should be in Thomas McBroom’s Top 10, to whether Michelle Wie should be allowed to continue in events on the PGA Tour. I find it all fascinating.

We’re planning to expand the site significantly next year, with the addition of several new personalities, an instruction section, a new course rater we’re calling “Weekend Hacker,” and several other innovative concepts. I’ll continue doing what I do — poking at sores that should otherwise be left untouched — and commenting on the golf business and golf courses that interest me.

As always, if you have an idea and think it would fit the site, drop me a note.

In the meantime, check out Illogical Golf Blog.

Best as always.


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  • As a ‘lurker’ on this site who doesn’t comment much…I enjoy your blog. Usually a story or link worth checking out in each posting.

    Keep up the good work.

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