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I was deleting old email today when I came by this fascinating note from a reader of my National Post column. It is so strange that it should be printed somewhere. So here goes:

Mr Thompson is not an appropriate scribe for golf. His idea of grand golf consists of observing the 72nd hole meltdown errors at the US Open. He sees these errors as making the US Open more entertaining than The Open. Mr Thompson is clearly the type that loves auto racing for the crashes. He clearly loves FIFA football for the head butts. The golf at The Open was pure and delightful to watch. It is called course management Mr Thompson. Please stay away from golf, and just give us your insights on WWF or suchlike. Peter Alliss surely had Mr Thompson accurately pegged. I truly hope Mr Thompson doesnt play golf. He appears to be the type that would revel in someones injury on the golf course from some idiot taking a chance and spraying a shot into the parallel fairway. A golf ball is a dangerous missile. It is not for taking chances.

This missive is copied to letters but it wont be printed I realize, because it is not in respect of news but rather your opinion but I clearly feel your opinion, in this case, is worthless and damaging to golf. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but your thought processes are not needed in golf.

Rgds, dwburn “ Toronto –

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