Tiger out of Tour Championship

So this was posted on Tiger Woods’ official website on Friday:

“Playing seven out of nine weeks with an additional trip to Ireland for Ryder Cup practice was taxing both mentally and physically and I feel like I need another week away from competitive golf. I’m confident that this extended break will help me to recharge my batteries for the 2007 season.”

Woods has made $9 million playing in a season that was shortened by the death of his father. While he’s not the first to cut his season short, it does bring into question any chance Woods will ever play the Canadian Open again, especially with its new summer date, and the possibility of forcing top players to play five weeks in a row. Since that won’t happen, there’s not a chance we’ll see Mickelson or Woods in Canada, regardless of whether the RCGA has a chartered jet or not. After all, Woods and Mickelson weren’t flying commercial anyway.

But just how tired is Tiger Woods? Well he won’t play the Tour Championship, despite playing some of his best golf in his life, and the fact there are only 30 competitors. By the way, does anyone know whether Weir would get in if he stands in 32cnd place after this weekend’s play now that Woods, Ames and Mickelson aren’t playing? What does it say about the state of professional golf when 10% of your players aren’t contesting one of your top events?

Still, there’s a chance Woods might make it to Canada next year. There is word that Nike may hold another Canadian Tiger Woods event, like they did at Magna in 2005. Speculation is the event might land at an exclusive course on the East Coast…

Of course, Woods isn’t completely shutting down his year. He may be tired, but he’s still jetting to China to play. Here’s what his website had to say about the rest of the year:

Tiger comments on his decision not to compete in the 2006 TOUR Championship. Woods will play in the HSBC Champions Tournament, Dunlop Phoenix Tournament, PGA Grand Slam of Golf, and Target World Challenge Presented by Countrywide to close out his season.

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  • Funny how you’re not slamming Tiger for taking time off the same way that you slammed Phil for taking time off. The media loves to rip Phil, but don’t say anything bad about Tiger or Weir in a Canadian paper. Not one sports writer has the nuts to say a bad thing about Tiger or the fact that Weir has serious problems with his game. even when he choked at the Abbey( missing 2 putts inside 10 feet is choking). No keep slamming Phil, he’s phony, self righteous, blah blah. If you’re going to rip one for not playing, be fair and write fairly.

  • Andy B:

    Robert has previously ripped Weir for his game, particularly his putting. Maybe you are thinking of Lorne Rubenstein and his favourable treatment of Mike Weir.

    I think Weir has not been the same since the Canadian Open collapse. He will not admit it (pro golfers cannot do such things as it would destroy their mental pysche) but deep down, his game has never been the same. Witness his final day scoring average (yesterday being another example). Having said all that, he has recovered before and I still think there is another major in him…

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