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A few months ago, a Mississauga developer announced he was building a course in Milton with designer Boris Danoff (Thundering Waters). As part of the deal, he was going to have potential players offer a name for the course on a website, It had been a while since I had considered this concept, but Lorne Rubenstein’s article on course names renewed my interest. Anyway, there’s nothing on the site other than “a new golf experience coming soon.” I guess time will tell whether that’s the case.

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  • RT

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, for once. I think the naming of a golf course should be such that the name will present graphically well, will make for a good logo, and will have special intangibles associated with it.

    Having said all that some of the world’s really special courses have ordinary names:
    August National?
    St. Andrews?
    Pebble Beach?

    What all these courses have in common is not so much marketing directed name but their owners used marketing (ie. tournaments played on the course, media, etc) to create a special course.

    I suppose a well chosen name will provide some marketing opportunities but I also believe that how the course is used, maintained, marketed and exposed, etc, has more to do with its rankings than its name.

    No so angry alfie

  • The web site is up and running now @ namethecourse. I checked it out last night. Everything looks like it has been put together pretty nicely. A good idea about generating buzz for the new course, but time will tell if it is a success. It is fore sure a different approach to course design and will be interesting to see how much input is used from public comment.

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