My First Canadian Open by Mason White Age 8

Steve took me to the Canadian Open in Hamilton this weekend. It was the first time I went to a golf tournament.

When we got there, Steve said we could buy new golf hats. I picked a red one and Steve got a blue one just like it. I was hungry so we went to find something to eat. When we got to the food tent all they had were some sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. I wanted pizza but they didn`t have that so I had a hot dog and a Pepsi (I really wanted a Dr. Pepper).

After we ate, we went to the practice green to see Å“Spiderman. He`s my favourite super hero. Steve says that he`s his too. Next we went out onto the course to watch the players. It was a lot of fun because they were really great. They hit the ball really far and straight and when they hit the ball onto the green, they can get it really close.

When we went down the fairway on the second hole there were some people giving out Extra gum. We could take as much as we wanted so I took two big handfuls and stuffed them into Steve`s back pockets to eat them later.

The second hole, ninth tee and eighth green are all really close to each other. One of the players (Aaron Baddeley) on the eighth missed the green with his shot and we were able to stand right behind him when he hit his next shot to the hole. It was really neat to watch because he hit the ball way up in the air and it landed a couple of feet away from the hole.

We went back over to the second and watch the players putt. They had to walk right past us as they went to the third hole and the guy from England (Justin Rose) stared at me when he walked by. Then we went back to get more gum and it started to rain but Steve brought his umbrella so we didn`t get wet.

After we got the gum we went to the fairway at eighteen and watched a few players hit their ball to the green. I kept saying Å“wouldn`t it be great to hit a hole in 2 and then it happened! This one guy (Bo Van Pelt) hit his shot right at the flag. We were down in the valley and couldn`t see the green but we watch as the crowd got more and more excited as the ball moved towards the hole. It was easy to tell that it had gone in because everyone around the green lifted up their arms and started jumping around. The guy who hit the shot took a bow and the two guys playing with him came over and gave him a high-five. It was really cool.

I was hungry again so we went back to the food tent. I really wanted brownies but they had sold out. I would have had a chocolate bar but they only had Coffee Crisp and Crunchy. I`ve never had a Crunchy bar and I didn`t want a Coffee Crisp so I didn`t have anything. Why don`t they have more food to choose from?

We did find another food tent though and Steve waited in line for almost 30 minutes so that I could have some brownies. After he got them we went and sat in the stands on the thirteenth hole. We watched Vijay Singh (I remember his name) and a bunch of other players hit balls to the hole but no one got a hole in one.

We had been at the golf course for almost five hours now and we had to go home for dinner. Before we left we got to try putting like the pros. I didn`t get my putts in but neither did Steve.

I had a great time at my first Canadian Open. I hope Steve takes me again next year.

Mason (Fairway Stevie’s stepson)

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