ProAm: Who in the world is Charles Warren

I’ve been fortunate to play in the pro-am tomorrow at the Canadian Open in Hamilton.

So, out of 52 picks in the pro-am selection last night, we picked 51st. That’s bad on a number of different levels. If my group had been last, at least we would have been given some wine for our terrible results. Instead we got Charles Warren. Who?

Which goes to show one thing — you can make a $1 million in a single season on the PGA Tour and still be a Jeopardy answer: “That’s right Alex, who made more than $1 million in 2005 on his second time around the PGA Tour?” The answer would be Charles Warren. He’s made nearly a million more this year, and I still only vaguely recognized the name. Want to know more about Charles Warren? Go here.

Anyway, my group, which includes Ted Fletcher, the son of Pat Fletcher, the last Canadian to win the Canadian Open. We’re off at 9 am, and I can’t imagine we’ll gather a big following. That might keep me from hooking a ball into the crowd and killing someone, so at least that’s a relief.

Update: We finished in a tie for first today. And yes, I did and do know who Charles Warren is. My point was meant to be ironic and reflect the fact that many people in the pro-am selection hadn’t a clue who he was. Intriguingly, he also considers his win at the now defunct CPGA to be a “major.” Or at least he joked about it. Turns out he was a great guy — and a great striker. We shot 58 and ended up tied with three other groups. I missed a short birdie putt on the ninth (our 18th) that would have given us the win outright. The highlight — watching Charles, with mud on his ball on the 18th, determine what shot to hit. “This could go anywhere,” he said. “Into the crowd?” I asked. “That’s a possibility,” came the reply. “That’ll add some entertainment value.” His caddy laughed at that notion, but he came pretty close to doing exactly that, hitting a low, hooky 4-iron near the throng of people on the final hole.

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  • If I am not mistaken, Charles Warren won the now defunct Samsung Canadian PGA Championship at Whistle Bear GC in 2004. It was televised on The Golf Channel.

  • RT – I am ashamed of you – Guy wins the CPGA Championship and you don’t know who he is…You follow golf right?

  • RT

    I can’t believe you didn’t know who Charles Warren is? Maybe I underestimated your knowledge of the professional golf world. The guy wins the CPGA Championship down the street at Whistle Bear and is one of the nicest guys on the planet. I don’t expect anyone to know his stats but to not recognize the name?….interesting…

  • RT is the Don Cherry of the Canadian golf media. Ask Thomas McBroom. He’s only interested in bashing Weir, Graham Cooke, Tiger

  • “He’s made nearly a million more this year, and I still only vaguely recognized the name.”…..

    Keep backpedaling RT

  • I’m always fond of a guy like “Not a fan,” who throws crap but refuses to use his own name or email address. At least I put myself out there and let my opinions be known. You, on the other hand, apparently are some Monday morning quarterback type, only criticizing with little to offer. Yep, I knew that Charles Warren had played in Canada and I knew he’d won a bunch of cash last year. Beyond that, I must admit I didn’t know much about him, having never written about him.
    But I’m intrigued that Not a Fan shows up bashing Bob Weeks on Score’s site as well, once more without anything productive to offer. What a waste of space.
    Get a pair of balls, buddy, use your real name and then maybe I’ll respect what you have to say. Until then….

  • A fair number — and most are open to some honest discourse. You need to grow a pair, step out and be prepared to take as good as you give, and then you’ll get some respect. Until then, you’re nothing but another guy sitting in his parent’s basement banging away on a computer.
    Oh, and I find it intriguing that you slag me off for not writing more “positive” commentary. Must not be much of a reader…

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