Fashion Faux Pas Again

After I wrote my posting about forward fashions in golf, Scot Duke sent me a note to say that he has heard from a fair number of clubs that some players have been taking free expression just a little too far. Apparently they have been showing up in clothing customized far beyond what might be deemed acceptable. As a result these clubs are considering re-establishing a more traditional dress code. It’s a pity that a few bad eggs are going to ruin it for the rest of us “swans.”

It reminds me of Jesper Parnevik at the PGA Championship. He showed up on the first day wearing white on white with a skinny black tie tucked into his shirt. The commentators had a field day taking the piss out of his outfit. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance. What could have actually thrown them, though, was the fact that he was also wearing a black pork pie hat instead his usual upturned ball cap. Although I would never wear the same outfits as Jesper (frankly, I can’t afford J Lindeman gear), it’s his wild style that has opened our eyes to the creatvity we can bring to the course. Of course, if he played better then the announcers would concentrate on his game more than his pants.

If dress codes do return to the middle ages I would encourage an uproar from the residents of the golf community. We have spent millions (maybe billions) on updating our wardrobes to include colorful mocknecks, uniquely cut shorts, white belts and golf shoes with eye catching designs.

If someone shows up at a course with a homemade shirt with objectionable graphics on it or cutoffs fraying at the end, why can’t the golf pro behind the counter politely tell them that their apprarel is inapporpriate and they will have to change. I once showed up for a round at York Downs and they felt that my socks were too long for the shorts I was wearing. Did I complain? Nope, I just got myself my first pair of no-sees which opened my mind to even more fashion choices.

Why is this such a touchy issue for me? Well, all summer long I have struggled with my game. I can’t convert par putts and greens in regulation are quickly fading into my past. At this point my hi-tech mocks and sexy Eccos are pretty much the only things making me feel like a player. Good god man, let me at least hold onto those things.

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