G4G update; Open Week

G4G has been on the road recently, playing The Raven at Lora Bay, Ridge at Manitou and the newly opened Tarandowah (near Ingersol, Ont.). I’m going to post a full review of Martin Hawtree’s Tarandowah, or at least the nine holes I’ve played, after having seen it last week. Though course is still rough around the edges, but I have a feeling when the full 18 opens next year, this could be something special. Lots of questions remain, but the holes I played were great fun with a real mix of length and shot requirements. This could just be the second coming of Osprey Valley’s Heathlands course. We’ll see.

As for the coming week, I’m at the Open. I’m lucky enough to be playing in the pro-am on Wednesday, so I’ll probably blog live from the site that day, though not likely between shots! Not sure who I am playing with yet, but there are several I’m keen on, including Nick Price, Jim Furyk, and Chris DiMarco. If you had the chance, who would you pick? Send me a comment and let me know.

Open news today includes the Geoff Ogilvy deciding not to come north to play. Instead he’s heading to China to get paid some ghastly fee. Ugh. I was hoping he’d be at Hamilton. Apparently Phil Mickelson’s people haven’t said no yet, though his agent told the Canadian Press he won’t be coming (source). That means there will likely be seven of 12 U.S. Ryder Cup players, and John Daly. At least until big JD hits a tree root on the 8th hole while posting a 6-over score and decides to WD. Then he’ll head to his merchadise trailer and sign women’s breasts for a while. Just like in 2003. Charming fellow, that JD. Oh and Brett Wetterich isn’t coming. What a shame.

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  • I’ll be at the pro-am myself robert, although I’ll be a caddy for a friend of mine. Maybe we’ll see yo uthere

  • Perhaps Joe Ogilvy can sub in for Geoff Ogilvy at the Open.

    I might not see it the same way as most people, but I think the likes of Villegas, Bubba Watsons, and JB Holmes are bigger draw than the Geoff Ogilvies of the world. Especially for the casual fans – which most patrons at the Open would probably fall under. I hope all three come and contend on weekend.

    Enjoy your Pro-Am…Look forward to seeing you sharing the experience.

  • Robert:

    Of the three players you identified, my pick would be Nick Price whom I suspect would have interesting insights into a variety of topics, both golf and non golf related. As well, I would want to see upclose his game, how it has changed (or not as the courses and competitors have changed) since his glory days of the early to mid 90s, and just to be in the company of an apparently genuine, insightful, and pleasant gentleman. (not to say that Jim F. and Chris D. are “chopped liver”. Any pairing I think would be worth one’s while)

  • I’m coming Wednesday too, just to cheer you on.
    Like Boyd says, keep it in the short stuff–or else!

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