Why Im so angry: This weeks replies to G4G comments

G4G has had lots of readers recently, and in response to the stories, reviews and other ramblings made by this ink stained peasant, the site has received a lot of comments. Since reading all of the comments individually can be a bit much for readers, from time to time I like to go through them and retort. So here goes….

Name: kc

Robert, what’s with all the hostility today?

Well, my daughter woke up at 5:30 am three days in a row and seemed more interested in watching Dora than the Open. Oh, and I ran out of coffee.

Name: Boyd Mickle

Muskoka Bay is the best of the best in Muskoka..hands down

No, I still think Oviinbyrd is better. But Muskoka Bay is pretty great in spots. I’ll post a full review soon.

Name: Ian

I would like to formally complain about Tiger Woods caddy – Steve Williams. He is a caddy – correct? Well, I would like him to act like one and not a player or celebrity.

He is a celebrity, though one that occasionally throws cameras into ponds. But go on…

For instance, since the cameras are constantly on Tiger Woods, you always see him. I have witnessed and been amazed how other caddies wear their bibs from the start of the golf day to the finish. However, Mr. Steve Williams chooses to NOT wear his until he has to and takes it off asap (when Tiger makes his final putt). However, I noticed during this years British Open he took his bib off half way up the 72nd hole. What an embarrassment he is to golf. It must be either a) because he believes he is better than the other caddies, or b) that he is paid by a sponsor to promise to do this, or c) both.

He caddies for the best player in the world and Woods’ sticks by him. The truth is the officials are afraid to do anything towards Williams for fear of offending Tiger…

Please have this looked into and as a “golf fan” I believe this should be enforced.

Keep dreaming, next…

Name: Brian

Nice to see this story. Two years back we took a family vacation to Cape Breton Island (and yes, I did get to play the fabvulous Highland Links). On our way to PEI, we stopped for yet another lobster dinner in Inverness. Afterwards, we took a stroll along the boardwalk. The kids saw the ocean. The wife saw a spectacular moon rise. I saw a golf course. The place just screamed for a British-style links course.

As we continued our walk, we met a couple of local ladies. They confirmed that this swath of land, formerly the mining area that separated a row of homes several hundred yards inland from the sea, had been considered for a golf cocurse on several occasions. They gushed about Jack Nicholson’s involvement in the latest plan (I now see that they were confusing the actor with Jack Nicklaus).

As much as I’d like to see it happen, I also noticed that this is a town dying a slow death and wonder where the players will come from and how much golf tourism can be developed with the inadequate infrastructure. How do these remote courses do it?

Well, Bandon Dunes has done it well be creating great golf. You’d be surprised to see how far golfers will go if there’s the word that a great golf course exists. For a golfer to go from Toronto to Bandon, they must take a flight to Vancouver or Portland, and grab a puddle jumper and then a half hour drive. It is easier to get to the U.K., but they go anyway.

I’ll be in Inverness next week and will report back….

Name: Peter Hegel

Wow, I guess that “ink-stained peasant” comment hit a little too close to home. I thought it quite amusing myself. Agreed that the Open wasn’t exactly exciting television – don’t know if it was Woods’s strategy so much as cooperative (or uncooperative, if you like) weather that made it so – and the comment about there being far too many “damned commercials” was bang on. But to imply that Woods should have used his driver because, by not doing so Nike won’t be able to make a commercial from the experience, is beyond asinine and says more about the author of the article than I expect he intended.

Asinine indeed. But it was meant as a bit of a joke. Nike loves to make commercials from all of Tiger’s great moments, but since most people can’t hit a butter knife, I doubt 2-iron sales will sky rocket. Now if he’d only hit that driver a couple of times….

Name: WayneK

I don’t think that even holding it at only the very best courses would do anything to improve the status given the new date. By the way, my dream rota, even though it is not practical, would be something like the following – Highland Links, St. Georges, Jasper, Redtail, Weston, Scarboro, Capilano, Hamilton and Toronto GC.

Keep dreaming, Wayne, but I think you’re onto something here. If no one shows up to play anyway, why not take it some interesting clubs? London Hunt is okay, but St. George’s would be intriguing. And I’m all for taking it to Westmount.

Name: Little Ray Floyd

The only reason Shaughnessy is not rated # 1 in the country is it is not in the GTA.

I agree Shaughnessy is terrific. It is fun and easy to walk. #1 in Canada? Not be a long way. Where are the truly great holes? Surely 10 and 11 are good, and 18 is tough, but there isn’t a lot of greatness at Shaughnessy. It is, however, in my Top 20 in Canada.

Until next time, keep the comments coming and thanks for stopping by.

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