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Just in case you are interested, I found a link today to a story I [photopress:cabot_links.jpg,full,alignright]wrote for the National Post’s golf supplement on Cabot Links, an ambitious golf course project located in Inverness, NS. Could this be Canada’s next great links? Read on….

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  • Nice to see this story. Two years back we took a family vacation to Cape Breton Island (and yes, I did get to play the fabvulous Highland Links). On our way to PEI, we stopped for yet another lobster dinner in Inverness. Afterwards, we took a stroll along the boardwalk. The kids saw the ocean. The wife saw a spectacular moon rise. I saw a golf course. The place just screamed for a British-style links course.

    As we continued our walk, we met a couple of local ladies. They confirmed that this swath of land, formerly the mining area that separated a row of homes several hundred yards inland from the sea, had been considered for a golf cocurse on several occasions. They gushed about Jack Nicholson’s involvement in the latest plan (I now see that they were confusing the actor with Jack Nicklaus).

    As much as I’d like to see it happen, I also noticed that this is a town dying a slow death and wonder where the players will come from and how much golf tourism can be developed with the inadequate infrastructure. How do these remote courses do it?

  • For the doubters, Links courses, if built in the style of the great British courses,have proven to be able to attract avid golfers from far and wide. Courses in the offbeat paths of Ireland and ,recently, in Bandon Dunes, Oregon, have proven to be highly successful. With the large population of golfers in the U.S. Northeast, as well as Ontario and Quebec, currently unable to easily access a true links style golf course, the Inverness project should help fill a consumer demand.The site , rated by some as ” the last great site for a links golf course in North America” will have appeal to all avid golfers. As a golfer with 35 years playing experience behind me, I have never played a true links course. The team building the Inverness course is prepared to deliver an affordable, top rated, true British style golf course to the general public.

    As for the town and the infrastructure, plans are already being considered for improvements.Like many small communities, Inverness is feeling the pinch of the loss of youth due to employment opportunities. However, a links golf course will create a new energy that will focus on tourism, retirement communities, and a revitalization of the community.

    I expect that Cowan-Dewar, Whitman, Mingay, and company will build a gem that will be a resounding success. Golfers will come.

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