When will the Wies back off?

After seeing photos and television coverage of Michelle Wie [photopress:wie.jpg,full,alignright]collapsing on the golf course yesterday, I wonder if it is time someone raised the issue of the amount of pressure being placed on a 16-year-old. Frankly, the shots of her being taken away in an ambulance were a touch frightening. Why have few spoken up and said “enough.” No one else was passing out on the golf course, despite the heat, which makes me wonder whether a combination of overwork and travel is finally catching up to Wie. How about letting her have a few weeks off? What about just letting her hang at the mall with her friends? What is wrong with her parents?

Media coverage seems to be picking up on the fact she’s been pushed too hard:

Wie has had a hectic schedule recently, playing her third straight week and fifth event in 5 1/2 weeks.

The full account of Wie’s saga is here.

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  • Sport could a hobby for some while it might be a profession for some but the truth is that its not easy to be out there and perform consistently day in and day out. In these days of cut throat competition sportsmen are being subjected to immense pressure from all quarters and it is no wonder that no all are able to withstand that amount of pressure and as a result many are succumbing to it and are fading away long before they actually bloom.

    The time has come to question ourselves if this is really worth it. But then the answers are slow to come.

    golf tip

  • enough already…join the lpga and end the circus …don’t blame michelle..blame her parents and leadbetter>

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