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Since a couple of readers have Googled my past ratings for Ontario courses and noticed an odd mix from 2001, that’s largely because I hadn’t played all that much. Since then, I’ve pretty much played everything I’ve wanted to see in Ontario, minus Mad River and Essex G&CC.

Anyway, here is my list for Ontario from the 2003 OG magazine:

Robert Thompson
Golf columnist, National Post
1. St. George’s G&CC
2. Hamilton G&CC
3. Toronto G&CC
4. Bigwin Island GC
5. Magna GC

Interestingly, there’s no way Magna would be on my list now. I’m off tomorrow to see Black Diamond, but I’ll explore the issue of course ratings and my evolution in thought on the matter next week.

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  • I am a little surprised at Bigwin making the list. Beautiful course, scenic setting etc…but do you not think that the fairways are too wide/ forgiving, greens are too large. Feels more like a resort course. It could have been cut into the landscape like Highland Links in Nova Scotia (I’ll always remember that long par 5 on the front nine with its winding narrow hole design). Bigwin could be a golfer’s paradise rather than a resort feel to cater to the higher handicappers…not that there is anything wrong with that approach.

  • Weekend Enthusiast: I totally agree. Bigwin is a great experience, but nowhere close to a top-five course when you break it down. Fun, but overrated, though the 18th is a great finish.

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