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My review of the North course at Bond Head garnered a fair bit of attention, largely because so few have seen it. Anyway, reader “Heit” said:

Although I have not played Bond Head, it sounds to me that it is starting to resemble Orange County National. If in which case it is… I cannot wait to play it!!

That’s an interesting comparison. The only thing I would offer is that, having played OCN, I think the two courses at Bond Head offer two more distinct golf visions.

Dave K said:

  • Interesting review, can’t wait to get there later this summer. Having walked the course a few times I have a sense of some of the items you mention in the article. Gotta think going long on #1 is death also (pick up and keep heading to #2). It appears to me that this will be the tougher of the two courses. As for the business model, my take is that things are picking up nicely.

I do think the course is exceptional, but that Jason Straka, the course’s designer, occasionally goes a little too far with his green sites. Other than that, Dave, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Read A.L. picks up on the article about Nicholas Wheeler. The take on Wheeler is this — golfer shoots 59. According to the article speaking about the feat, Wheeler has never broken 70 before. Golf blogger is “suspicious” about the accomplishment given the story. Anyway, here’s the letter:

It is absolutely astonishing that when an individual goes out and shots an impressive round such as 59 that some people (writer’s included) feel that it is there duty to denounce it.

I am truly appalled at Mr. Thompson’s view that the round was “a bit suspicious in [his] mind”. For someone that is trying to promote the game of golf in Canada, I will say he is doing a remarkable job with comments like this! Knowing Mr. Wheeler for 15 years now, I have no doubt in the validity of this round and his character. I recommend that in the future, when such a feat is accomplished in a credible fashion such as what has expired, we praise it rather than denounce its credibility. And Mr. Thompson, despite Mr. Herbet’s blunders, I am sure along the way in your career you have heard somewhere of accurate journalism? Like Scott Wheeler pointed out, maybe you should have done a little work yourself, like picking up a phone, before making your opinion on someone else’s accomplishment public. That is unless now you question the character of CPGA certified professionals?

As I mentioned, the initial story was very unclear, included a couple of errors, and led me to question the veracity of the story. I’ve since spoken to Nicholas’ father, Scott, the super at Forest City and feel the story is correct. Of course, Scott also mentioned his son has shot in the 60s regularly, contrary to the initial story.

Keep the comments coming and thanks for reading….


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