What Has Happened To Superman

We all have the dream of playing professional golf. Okay, if not the dream then the fantasy. The only thing that keeps us from consistently playing the game we so desperately want to play is the amount of practice we can muster out in a busy week. And how much do we actually get to play – once a week – twice if we`re lucky? When we play at the top of our game, five over after nine is not a shameful score.

Tiger Woods is human after all. In just two hours he has answered the questions of the past two weeks. Pundits asked Å“how will a nine week lay off affect Tiger? Well, looking up at my television screen it`s clear that the lay off has affected him. One fairway, three greens and one one putt has led to a five over after nine. Just like you and me. Will Tiger be able to pull out his cape and accomplish a superhuman turn around?

Phil`s even round had Johnny Miller calling it yeoman`s work. Given all the preparation Phil has done leading up to the U.S. Open I would think that even is a major disappointment. Where are he and his team holed up this afternoon? Are they analyzing the round shot by shot? We`ll find out tomorrow.

The early story is turning out to be Colin Montgomerie. He`s the early clubhouse leader (note round one hasn`t been completed yet) and admits that he is baffled that he hasn`t won a major yet but thinks that the U.S. Open was the one he was most likely to take. At what point will the New York fans adopt Monty? At what point will they turn on him like a pack of animals?

The answers to these questions and others await us in the coming days.

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