The world’s biggest golf geek

The Golf Channel will be moving from basic cable to digital and that sucks.

My boss recently confessed that he has come to terms with my obsession with playing golf. But, he went on, he still couldn`t understand why I would want to watch someone else play golf on TV. Fair enough. I don`t understand why he loves Johnny cash so much.

This morning I was listening to Pure Golf on XM radio. Do you have XM? If not let me tell you the two best golf reasons to get it today. Peter Kessler hosts Pure Golf every morning at 8:00am EST and his guests include players, teachers and columnists that share a great insight to the game. Of course I could do without two of Kessler`s reoccurring themes “ Å“How long should Tiger grieve the loss of his father and Å“Would Michelle Wie rather get in to the Men`s U.S. Open or win the McDonald`s LPGA Championship.

The other great thing about the PGA Network is their tournament coverage. They have great announcers who help you feel like you are actually walking on the grass along side the players. They also conduct wonderfully insightful and humorous interviews with players, minutes after they come off the 18th green. These interviews always seem to be far more colorful than the dry responses you usually see on sports highlight packages later in the day. How would the boss feel if he knew I listened to golf? Gad!

But it`s neither watching The Golf Channel nor listening to XM radio that makes me a golf geek. No, it is the fact that I have spent the day today following Michelle Wie`s round shot by shot on Wait, let me correct that. What makes me a golf geek is that I have actually been tsk-tsking or pumping my fist to display my disappoint or thrill of each missed birdie putt or iron to four feet. Reading her round shot by shot is a thrill every ten minutes (when the latest update is posted). She finished at 2-under after her first 18 and had she sunk even half of the birdie putts she just missed she`d be in the lead.

I really do have to get back to work. Oh what a geek I am.

P.S. I can hardly wait to set-up scoring updates directly to my cell phone. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.

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  • Yes Steve – you are indeed a golf geek.

    Although I must admit, I did have a big interest in Michelle Wie today too, so I gues that means I am part of the club too.

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