The RCGA: Behind Closed Doors

Despite the protestations of some at the RCGA, I am quite pleased with the response I’ve gotten to the feature I wrote for the latest issue of Score magazine. Many seem to feel the piece was well balanced, which was my intent. One note I received, from a notable golf industry insider, who I won’t name as he sent me a private e-mail, said this:

“Just received my edition of ScoreGolf and was very pleased to read your article on our countries governing body. I must say, it was a great article. Having someone (Score & You) make a statement that puts them on notice is simply fabulous.”

Anyway, the entire story can now be read online here. It is long. Grab a drink and sit back. Let me know what you thought. It is an important topic, as the RCGA should have a huge influnece on the game in this country. I consider them very important, but think they need to be more transparent and able to communicate what their key messages are.

One thing that didnt make the story or the web version (which includes a sidebar right at the end that isnt in the magazine), was a piece about Angus Glen North and its role in the Canadian Open in 2007, and the RCGA funded trips for its governors.

Im checking with Score, and if there isnt an issue, Ill put them up on this blog for anyone who might be interested.

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  • To Robert Thompson:

    Thank you for writing that article on the governing body of amateur golf.

    Finally someone did it. How wonderful it would be if your true reporting makes improvements happen. Your reporting is essential as “we” feel helpless that nothing will ever change under the 28 year guard. There is a lot of frustration and anger “out there” re the arrogance and condescension demonstrated by the leader and fostered in the overall culture.


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