More "bullish" RCGA info and other notes

Around the course: Bob Weeks at Score gives G4G a nod for my idea of the Tim Hortons Canadian Open. Of course, given that I’ve spent the past eight months working on a book with the company’s co-founder, the idea should come as no surprise…. By my count, head RCGA Blue Blazer Stephen D. Ross dropped in the word “bullish” twelve times during the press conference last week to announce Bell Canada was dropping as title sponsor. My favourite quote was this, where Ross used the press conference as an marketing forum:

“This press conference is hopefully going to be the catalyst that we were looking for to let Canadian corporations know that title sponsorship is available for a world class golf tournament. And if that doesnt happen in 2006, were bullish they will step forward in the years beyond.”

Bullish isnt the word that exactly comes to mind, though some variation might be more correct, Golf architect Ian Andrew has posted some great stuff recently on his blog about how often an architect needs to be on site to create a new golf course…Lionhead GC, in Brampton, is trying to resurrect its image as one of the top courses in the country by hosting a media event in May. It’ll be interesting to see what it accomplishes. The course currently has a 4.6 out of 6 rating on, . Apparently Seguin Valley is officially up for sale. Anyone want to buy a struggling Muskoka course where the former owner apparently spent $20 million? Do I hear ClubLink? , Rees Jones designed the course that held the Shell Houston Open, and apparently only a few players liked it. Not surprisingly, one of them was Stuart Appleby. Why exactly is Jones held in such esteem? , . The second course at Bond Head recently had a new par three added so the course will entirely sit north of the roadway that brings players to the facility, as opposed to having one hole (the 18th) play south of the road. It is a good move. But Bond Head still has a long way to go. readers rank it a 5 out of 6, pretty low for a course with such a high green fee. Expect to see that change this year as new GM Nigel Hollidge and super Ian McQueen work out all the details that were lacking last year , Im thinking of asking a few of my media friends and raters to submit a list of the worst golf holes in Ontario and will post a list with comments in coming weeks. Send me a note if you have any suggestions. I’ll keep all names out of it to protect the not so innocent…

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  • Hi Robert,
    Worst golf holes in Ontario? Lionhead Legends #11. Long par 4, small opening to the green that will not hold. Just penalizing with little opportunity for par or recovery.
    How about the island green 16th on the Masters course. Just bad.
    Or Nobleton Lakes island green par 3. Cannot remember the hole number.
    Deer Creek has a few, most notably their island green Par 4, I think it’s #2 on the Pearl course. Now featuring a driveway through the teeing area!!
    This trend has got to stop.
    #1 at Woodington, I don’t hate the hole so much as hate it as a opener.
    #3 at The Rock, I hear they are cutting back the trees so that you don’t have to hit a draw off the tree and then a fade on to the green. Key words, “have to” or you have no chance. #18 and #12 (signature hole) deserve mentioning.
    The par 6 at Black Bear Ridge, novel idea but it just doesn’t work, mostly because the green is aweful.
    #5 at Tam O Shanter. From the Blues, your basically have to hit it over or around a two hundred year oak that’s only fifty yards in front of you. City employees!
    #9 at St. Andrews Valley. When you have bullseyes painted on trees, you might have missed the point.

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