John Gordon and RCGA

Well, John Gordon, golf pundit and curmudgeon extraordinaire, apparently has the inside scoop on the RCGA. Not that hes telling anyone.

Instead, John took a shot at the feature I did in the latest issue of Score in his “blog” today. He didnt really provide any detail about what he felt the piece was missing, but thats not surprising. As a golf pundit, John is doing a good job these days chasing windmills. Okay, we get it “ you dont like Mike Weir and you are personally bothered by Stephen Ames. Now get over it.

Johns blog, which is part of the Rogers Media empire, can be found here.

Anyway, John, who a few months back seemed to think it was big news that Angus Glen North was getting a makeover (he was about two years too late, and when I pointed that out on G4G, apparently he took personal umbrage), takes a poke at me and Score for the feature on the RCGA. Should have had a better investigative reporter, he says. Should have dug up more dirt. All I will say is that everyone at Score was happy with the piece and it met the mandate as discussed with Scores editorial staff. So I was pleased with how it turned out and I think readers, many of whom have no idea what the Royal Canadian Golf Association does, will also be interested. Of couse, if I were to write features for “disgruntled former employees of the RCGA who now act as television commentators,” that would be a pretty small market.

Oh, and if Sportsnet, the corporate TV site that John blogs for, is going to have half an understanding of the blogsphere, they should make it easier for people to comment on his posts. Right now it just looks like one of those typical bandwagon jumping attempts to get with a new technology they don’t understand. After all, Ive been blogging on golf and golf architecture for two years, and Bob Weeks at Score started a few months back. Gordon seemed to think the idea was a joke when he sent me a nasty missive a few months ago, but suddenly here he is “ blogging like the rest of us.

One, two, three, four “ I declare a blog war. At least it will be good reading….

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