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Some of you might be just now seeing the new copy of Score magazine, which is appearing in clubs across Canada right now. I wrote a large feature on the RCGA for the magazine, a story which most certainly will cause a stir in the golf industry. The issues won’t be with the content of the feature — I think it is well balanced and gave RCGA executive director, as well as his governors, plenty of opportunity to speak for themselves. But others within the industry have been very critical of the organization and feel there are legitimate concerns about the RCGA’s strategy going forward.

And Ross has been with the RCGA for a long, long time. It is unusual for an executive director of a non-profit to be around for the length of time that Ross has run the RCGA.

Anyway, I think Ross and the RCGA have bigger problems than a story written by yours truly. There is still no sponsor for the 2007 Canadian Open — and increasing rumours that the construction of the Montreal course that is supposed to hold the 2008 tournament isn’t running smoothly. Of course the golf industry loves to put down its competitors, so there may not be any truth to this.

Love to see some photos of the construction, if anyone has any.

In the meantime, if the Score story gets posted to the magazine’s website, I’ll add a link.

In a related note, as Angus Glen owner Gord Stollery is the partner behind the Montreal/Terrebonne golf course being built in partnership with the RCGA, the Goodwood project in Uxbridge which Stollery is financing is well into construction. Initially designed by the now retired Donald Steel, the course construction is being run by Martin Ebert, Steel’s former associate.

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  • Read that article and did not realize you wrote it….

    Like a lot of not-for-profit organizations, it seems like RCGA needs more transparency in terms of how they operate and how they use their funds.

    I don’t understand after running the Canadian Open into the grounds, why these people have not stepped aside for some fresh ideas.

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