LPGA's losing fight; New man at struggling Ridge;

Only four days until G4G makes its big move to another site. I’ll post something about it next week.

More on the AP versus Carloyn Biven/LPGA fight over copyright control. Looks like it isn’t working out particularly well for the LPGA, as Honolulu Advertiser columnist Ferd “Don’t call me Fred” Lewis notes in a piece today:

First-round Fields Open in Hawai’i leader Lorena Ochoa had just shot a
remarkable 8-under-par 64 when she sat down in the 43-seat interview tent yesterday to talk about it.Staring back at her were 39 empty white chairs.Paul Rovnak, LPGA senior media relations coordinator, sat next to her on the platform to ask questions, and two staffers were the audience. Otherwise the room was devoid of reporters and cameras. Only later did a couple of international reporters wander in.

In case you don’t quite get the scope of the sleeping giant the LPGA was awoken, here are the stats on AP, which is ignoring the LPGA Tour at the moment:

The AP, alone, claims 6,700 newspaper, radio and television clients in the
United States and 8,000 more in 121 other countries.

Ironically, an AP story provides an update on the situation this morning:

Backed by several other news organizations, the Associated Press made
progress Thursday in talks with the LPGA about new restrictions on press
credentials but was unable to resolve the dispute in time to cover the start of the Fields Open tournament in Kapolei, Hawaii.

ESPN’s Jason Sobel notes that fans watching John Daly lose to Phil Mickelson at the matchplay couldn’t pick a favourite. Maybe the fans couldn’t, but it is clear who the players prefer — and he hangs out in a motorhome and his wife is serving time.

On the home front, the blogs about Stephen Ames’ disaster of a performance against Tiger Woods and duly notes that Ames’ comments about Woods’ wayward drives are actually accurate. Not that it matters. I wonder if Ames’ new nickname around the tour is Stephen “Nine and Eight” Ames. Has a nice ring about it.

On the home front, the Ridge at Manitou, a fine Thomas McBroom course located near Parry Sound, has a new pro. Kevin Poole, formerly of the fine Hunter’s Pointe, takes over operations and the search for a couple of dozen members on an annual basis. The course is rock solid, but has so far only attracted a handful of members. A news release on Poole’s appointment notes he was instructed on teaching by mentor Gord McInnis Sr., who taught Marlene Streit at Lookout Point.

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  • Ames’ wife battled cancer last year and recovered nicely.

    Also, Ames makes a living traveling to nice places playing golf.

    Hope he take all the backlash in stride and remember how fortunate he is.

  • woods’ post round rounds on the match were boorish. Gloating about his 9/8 win and Ames comments he replied “and now he understands” – he did everything but call him his btch

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