New GM at Whitevale; Shackelford's big laugh; Crowbush recovers

Apparently Whitevale, a little known course outside of Toronto has hired Alex Maggiacomo, the former GM of Bond Head. Alex didn’t last a season at Bond Head after struggling to find golfers and an uneven business plan. Anyway, he’s landed on his feet:

“The next 3 to 5 years will be a very exciting time at Whitevale Golf Club. With Thomas McBroom’s golf course redesign nearing completion and with the proposal to construct a new clubhouse, Whitevale Golf Club is positioning itself to be one of the preferred private clubs in Ontario” said Maggiacomo.

What exactly does “positioning itself to be one of the preferred private clubs in Ontario,” mean, exactly? Does that mean it is competing with St. George’s or Toronto Golf? Who says these things and do they ever stop to wonder whether there is any value in canned quotes like this one?

Geoff Shackelford has a hysterical piece up on at the moment. Essentially it is a parody of a PGA Tour policy board meeting, it is well worth a read. My favourite bit is about J.B. “Don’t call me John” Holmes:

Commissioner Finchem: Gentlemen, I wanted to call to your attention last week’s win at the FBR by J.B. Holmes. You know if it wasn’t for the recent intervention of our Vice President of Name Gentrification, John Blutarksy, our good friends on the CBS broadcast team would have been calling him by his former
name, John Holmes.
Scott McCarron: Oh you mean like the porn star?
Commissioner Finchem: For the record, and I want to be very clear on this, I’m not sure who that was, but it’s my general understanding that we dodged a value perception nightmare.
Joe Durant: A value perception nightmare?
Commissioner Finchem: I really don’t want to talk about this as I had never heard of this John Holmes.

Bob Weeks, recovering from his shoulder surgery and hopefully hopped up on pain pills, has a neat blog about the changes being made to Crowbush Cove, which had part of one of its dunes washed out to sea recently.

The Golf Channel’s Brian Hewitt, who annoys me to no end, picks Mike Weir to win this week at Riviera.

Hewitt says:

But hiding is something Mike Weir doesn�t know how to do. He comes from the same stolid Canadian stock that makes hockey players the most honorable among all professional athletes when it comes to taking the good with the bad.

Can we speak about a single Canadian without making a reference to hockey? Please?

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