Els and Accenture concerned about World Championships

According to Ernie Els, the World Championships have little to do with the world outside of the US of A.

The Big Easy lashed out at the PGA Tour (well, maybe lashed out isn’t the right phrase — more like suggested quietly) that the events should be moved around the other parts of the known galaxy.

“It’s a bit crazy,” he said. “Why call them World Championships if they’re going to be played in the same place all the time? World Golf Championships are meant to promote the game all over the globe.”

The problem is that when they are moved around, few of the American players want to have to add hours to their jetshare and commute to places outside of Florida, California and Arizona. I’d be suprised if a player doesn’t complain about having to travel to Canada for next year’s Presidents Cup. So Ernie can complain, but I doubt he gets anywhere with this one — even if PGA Tour commish Tim Finchem says he’s taking one o of the events to Asia in the near future.

Els isn’t the only one unhappy with the situation. Apparently World Championship sponsor Accenture is also concerned about the positions of the tournaments following the creation of the FedEx Cup. Regardless of Finchem’s plan, it is never a good idea to aggitate your sponsors.

“At first glance, it’s a concern,” said Jim Murphy, global managing director of marketing for Accenture. “You’re adding another element in the mix, and this is going to be a yearlong promotion. By definition, the FedEx Cup will be raised in
visibility. In doing that, will it move the World Golf Championships down a notch, or interfere with the ambition to be the next layer behind the majors?”

Now the truth is the World Championships never held a candle to the majors. But I’m sure you understand Accenture’s point, hyperbole notwithstanding.

There’s an Associated Press story about the issue here.

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  • Renton Laidlaw commented on this same topic on the Dubai coverage on TGC over the weekend. He was mentioning how MA Jimenez was in a playoff with Tiger in one of the WGC events at Valderrama – that is when they actually played them around the world and not just in the US.

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