J.B. Holmes, the man with the incredibly long…

Separated at birth? Probably not.

Of course everyone many not understand why PGA Tour long bomber John Holmes began using his initials when he turned pro. But he assumes you do. “You know,” was his response to the question when asked about it by a knowing sportswriter who was clearly trying to be a wise ass. One John Holmes is known for his prodigious distance, and the other John Holmes was known for, well, his prodigious member.

Anyway, while trolling around the PGA Tour site yesterday, I went through the Buick’s third round hole by hole. Turns out that almost all of the long drives were either Bubba Watson or JB Holmes, with a couple of Tiger Woods thrown in to add some variation.

There’s a story about Holmes in the NY Times, and though it doesn’t deal with his ability to hit the ball a long way off the tee, it does talk about his battles with dyslexia, a problem he dealt with during his schooling. Apparently his dyslexia led his academic counselors to consider his other skills:

“One strength he has, and it ties into his ability in golf, is very strong spatial skills,” AmyCraiglow, his academic counselor said. “A lot of times, we could put certain things in certain spots on a wall and study them, like a visualization. It’s also a very good skill to have as far as understanding distance and being able to see the golf course.”

Distance is apparently not the problem, since Holmes has averaged well over 300 yards off the tee so far this year. You can find the NY Times story on him here.

And if you think the ball doesn’t travel too far, tell that to Jose Maria Olazabol, who hit one 360 yards on the back nine at Torrey Pines on Saturday. And he’s not even a long hitter…

On a related note, with Garcia, Woods, and Mickelson all near the top of the leaderboard, I’m going to tune in to watch golf for the first time this year. This one should be interesting — and it just what the PGA Tour needs more of.

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  • Hope you tuned in Robert to see the final 9 holes. I think at one point there were 8 or 9 guys tied for or within a stroke of the lead. Did you see Green’s reaction, or should I say non reaction, to his eagle wedge? Felt sorry for him on the first playoff hole when the wheels fell off.

    Unfortunately TW won. Not so much against him, I just get sick of the announcers gushing over him. At one point, one of them, Kostis I think, is blathering on about his sand playing skills after a bunker shot and how strong he has been all week in that regard. Then they post a stat on the screen ; 4/10 in sand saves. Can you say back pedal. Between his foot in his yap and his head up Tiger’s you know what, I am amazed he got the words out.


  • In response to general comments about TW being shown by network TV too much…

    I wonder if people complained when they saw Gretzky, MJ, Mario L. on TV too much.

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