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I’m sure it will piss John Gordon off to no end, especially considering how fond he is of bloggers, but Score Golf’s editor, Bob Weeks, has launched his own blog on the magazine’s web site. For my U.S. readers, Bob is one of the elite golf media in Canada, working both print and TV. His blog shows promise — as long as he has time put down all the swag he’s surely taking from the PGA merch show and finds a moment to type.

Until now there really have not been any other mainstream media blogging about golf. Hopefully Bob’s writing will stir up some additional interest. It’ll be intriguing to see how he utilizes the medium — because there’s surely a lot of readers in Canada that will follow what he has to say about the game of golf and only so much can be addressed in a handful of editorials in his publication.

He gets off to a promising start:

As a press person attending this, there are two main functions: 1) find out what�s hot and 2) try to get as much free stuff as possible.
The first time I attended this about 15 years ago, a crusty old writer told me, �If you don�t leave here with at least $2,000 worth of stuff, you�re just not trying.�
So, as your humble correspondent, I’m going to attempt to do both and leave without having to pay for the extra weight in my luggage from all the swag.

Hope Bob makes out like a bandit, but from the look of his office the last time I stopped by, I’m not sure he needs more gear. Now your humble scribe is always interested in equipment, especially balls which will be scattered all over the world and act as great marketing….

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  • His system for comments is worse than the one for blogger 😉

    The fact that he won’t be linking to any other golf blogs will also be a detriment to his growth around the blogosphere.

    Too bad as he’s a talented writer.

    Mike at TravellingGolfer

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