Canadian Open date for 2007

…. is, drum roll please � exactly as expected!

That means the tournament now follows the British Open. In truth, on the PGA Tour it follows the U.S. Bank Championship, which has the worst spot — opposite the British where all the good players are. Tell me why there’s a tournament that runs against a major?

The Royal Canadian Golf Association released the following statement on the new position:

�The RCGA is pleased by the commitment the PGA Tour has made to the Bell
Canadian Open,� said Stephen D. Ross, Executive Director for the RCGA.

When did he add the “d”?

The new Tour television deal will heighten our identity as a premier event on
the PGA Tour. The 2007 Bell Canadian Open will be one of the key tournaments for
players to earn valuable points leading up to the season-ending FedEx Cup title.

Right, that’ll get them up to Canada? And do we know it will be called the Bell Canadian Open in 2007? Seems that deal is running on life support.

These enhancements will only increase the profile of our event in North America
and around the world,� continued Ross.

Oh right. The profile where one of the Top 10 in the world shows up and the fans stay home, as they did at Shaughnessy.

Anyway, here’s the sched:

Jan. 1-7: Mercedes Championships (TGC)
Jan. 8-14: Sony Open in Hawaii (TGC)
Jan. 15-21: Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (TGC)
Jan. 22-28: Buick Invitational (TGC, CBS)
Jan. 29-Feb. 4: FBR Open (TGC, NBC)
Feb. 5-11: AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am (TGC, CBS)
Feb. 12-18: Nissan Open (TGC, CBS)
Feb. 19-25: WGC Accenture Match Play Championship (TGC, NBC)
Feb. 19-25: Mayakoba Classic at Riviera Maya (Mexico) (TGC)
Feb. 26-March 4: The Honda Classic (TGC, NBC)
March 5-11: Tampa Bay Championship (TGC, NBC)
March 12-18: Bay Hill Invitational presented by MasterCard (TGC, NBC)
March 19-25: WGC CA Championship (TGC, NBC)
March 26-April 1: Shell Houston Open (TGC, NBC)
April 2-8: The Masters: USA,CBS)
April 9-15: MCI Heritage (TGC, CBS)
April 16-22: Zurich Classic of New Orleans (TGC, CBS)
April 23-29: EDS Byron Nelson Championship (TGC, CBS)
April 30-May 6: Wachovia Championship (TGC, CBS)
May 7-13: The Players Championship (TGC, NBC)
May 14-20: BellSouth Classic (TGC, CBS)
May 21-27: The Colonial Invitational (TGC, CBS)
May 28-June 3: The Memorial Tournament (TGC, CBS)
June 4-10: Stanford St. Jude Championship (TGC, CBS)
June 11-17: U.S. Open (ESPN, NBC)June 18-24: 84 Lumber Classic (TGC, CBS)
June 25-July 1: Buick Open (TGC, CBS)
July 2-8: The International (TGC, CBS)
July 9-15: John Deere Classic (TGC, CBS)
July 16-22: British Open (TNT, ABC)
July 16-22: U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee (TGC)
July 23-29: Bell Canadian Open (TGC, CBS)
July 30-Aug. 5: WGC Bridgestone Invitational (TGC, CBS)
Aug. 6-12: PGA Championship (TNT, CBS)
Aug. 13-19: Carolina Classic at Greensboro (TGC, CBS)
FedEx Cup Championship Series:Aug. 20-26: Barclays Classic/New York City (TGC, CBS)
Aug. 27-Sept. 3: Deutsche Bank Championship/Boston (TGC, NBC)
Sept. 3-9: Championship Series event/Chicago (TGC, NBC)
Sept. 10-16: The Tour Championship (TGC, NBC)

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  • He added the “D” so that the RCGA could appear even MORE officious, elitist, and out-of-touch with the views and concerns of most (i.e. non country/private club) golfers.

    Sorry, it’s a pet peeve of mine, the RCGA. Ah, but since I’ve started:

    the USGA introduced a “public links” championship in the 1920s or 30s, I think. Has the RCGA even CONSIDERED it yet? And how easy have they made it over the years for a public player to get an official handicap?

    They’re running a once great national championship into the ground.


  • I fail to see how the RCGA would be responsible for running the Canadian Open “into the ground”. The fact is, outside of the majors and a select few other tournaments, no event gets a steller field.

    The RCGA has also fully recognized the concept of the “public player”. Provincial associations have been encouraged to develop Public Player Programs that allow golfers who do not belong to a “golf club” to get an official RCGA Handicap Factor. The Golf Association of Ontario, for example, has a thriving Public Player Program, of which I am a member. I have an official RCGA Handicap Factor and I’m considered to be as much a member of the GAO/RCGA as someone from, say, Toronto Golf Club.

    I think the notion of a Public Player Championship risks giving off the impression that public player members are somehow different than “regular” members. If public player members can compete in all RCGA/Provincial Associations tournaments, why create a seperate tourney for them…we don’t have a “Semi-Private Club Player Championship”.

  • anonymous,
    yes, the RCGA does now recognize the public player, and the Golf Association of Ontario (which seems like a good one, and which I’ll join this spring) helps – but they were both very late coming to the party, IMO.

    I mentioned the USGA’s public links championship because of WHEN it was thought of, i.e. 70+ years ago the USGA was trying to bring into the game those not affiliated with private clubs; while the RCGA, it seems to me, was very late in even WANTING to doing the same, let alone actually DOING it.

    Finally, on the Canadian Open – it’s NOT ‘any other tournament’, it’s a NATIONAL open, and that meant quite a bit once. The best players in the world used to compete here. What’s happened to change that? I know there are other reasons, outside of the RCGA’s control, for the Open’s decline in stature…but I do think that the RCGA’s choices of venues (questionable ones), their deals with sponsors (sweetheart deals), and their dealings with the PGA Tour (spineless and inconsistent) have not been the work of inspired leaders


  • I imagine the ideal spot would have been the one occupied by the Buick Open on July 1.

    On the other hand, if the BCO organizer really wants to draw the big names, they surely will need to find a way to put up some huge prize money.

    Also, with British Open right before the BCO and 5 hours away across the Atlantic from the East Coast, does that eliminate west coast venues?

  • Robert:

    I regretted my snarky comment on why the “D” as soon as I wrote it.
    That was unfair.

    On the other hand, I DO think that the RCGA has not been very welcoming to the ‘masses’, and has tended to serve the interests/ needs of the elite clubs and the elite members, and that this – through how it influenced/led to certain decisions – has played a part in where the Open now finds itself…


  • It is funny how strong the sentiment is when it comes to the RCGA. I think a publinks is a good idea, even though I’ve been part of their public player program for most of recent memory. I think the problem is, for public players, that they find it tough to justify paying the money to enter the program unless they want to play some tournament golf. Other than that, and helping you get onto the Old Course with your handicap card, I had a hard time seeing how it benefited me.
    And Peter, you’ll be interested to know that Stephen called and made a big deal about telling me what the D stands for. I agree it seemed like an odd thing to put in a press release. I’ve never used Robert E. Thompson, for example….

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