Mills, Weir and some girl named Wie make their '06 debuts

The National Post has an article by Jeremy Sandler today on the debut of long hitting Jon Mills, while other Canadian news sources note Mike Weir will make a start this week in Hawaii at the Sony.

Mills had this to say about his prep time:

“The last time I played — actually played — golf, it was just before it kind of started to snow down in Pennsylvania, so it was a little while ago.”

Apparently Mills now lives in Indiana, though I can’t explain why.

Interestingly, I don’t ever recall Weir starting so early in the year. A quick look at his stats showed I was right — the last time Weir played this early in the season, without participating in the Mercedes, was in 1999. He usually plays the Mercedes and then departs until Arizona or California.

Also, in case you are still paying attention, The Toronto Star’s Dave Perkins weighs in on the ABC television deal and the earnings made by players. I guess significantly late is better than not at all to Canadian sports sections.

Oh, yeah. Every golf writer of any note is clicking away on their keypads to write up opinion pieces about Michelle Wie. Ugh. I’ll tell you what I’m tired of — pieces like this one in the USA Today which bring this wide-eyed fascination to Wie, a story which is getting old, fast. Apparently it is surprising that she’s taking her driving test. Oh, and some exams. Please.

Wie had this to say:

“Whatever happens, I think it will be a successful week,” Wie said Tuesday after a practice round with Sean O’Hair and Justin Rose that drew a gallery close to 100. “How you get there is the most important thing. Playing with the men will make me a lot better player.”

Isn’t that just about exactly what she said last year? And the year before? Apparently she wants to not only make the cut, but also finish in the Top 20. Unless she can figure out how to putt in the final round of tournaments, I suspect Wie will head home Friday night.

A story by AP’s Doug Ferguson also discusses Wie’s work with Canadian physiologist Paul Gagne:

Wie also has been loading up on the fitness, working with Paul Gagne, a physiologist who works primarily with hockey players. She said she has added five pounds of muscle, and coach David Leadbetter said the extra strength allows her to hold the club in position at the top of her swing.

Not a lot of talk about her putting, is there?

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  • Robert,
    Michelle seems like a very nice young woman, except for the influence of all the sports psychologists she’s been talking to (or that have been talking to HER, endlessly). It’s starting to creep me out that a 16 year old is sounding more and more like a 22 college player, AND a 30 year old Nationwide grad, AND a 40 year old journeyman on the PGA tour, etc. This can’t be good for her in the long run (i.e. where does she go from there?); and on the Golf Channel I can’t tell anymore if I’m watching THIS year’s Sony Open, or last year’s or….


  • Media training is a dangerous thing. Look at how uncomfortable Tiger appears at some points — and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had the same coach. Remember William Morris Agency is largely an acting agency…

  • The problem is that so many of the interviews are the same. You might as well tape record Tiger’s and Michelles answers and play them in each tournament’s press room. It would save a ton of trouble.

    At least when they interview John Daly they’re going to get a real answer.

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