Hensby's harsh words; Pine Valley's great find and the emergence of TC Chen

  • Thanks to Geoff Shackelford for pointing out this story about outspoken Ausie tour pro Mark Hensby blasting Greg Norman for not doing enough to support Australian golf. He’s probably right — Norman only really supports his own pocket book. But I’m sure Hensby isn’t winning himself any fans by his honesty.
  • The saga of the Pine Valley blueprint that is being sold on eBay continues to fascinate. Having seen a photo of the entire linen routing for the world’s greatest golf course, I can only say this is quite significant and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so — it is now going for more than $6,000 on eBay. Catch Golfclubatlas’ band of merry architecture nuts arguing about its value.
  • Canadian Tour pros are all over the place in the coming year, with Mike Weir, Jon Mills, and Stephen Ames guaranteed to see much playing time unless the likes of Ian Leggat and Glen Hnatiuk can make it through Q School. Score has a roundup here.
  • I was stunned to see TC Chen (yes, the legendary Oakland Hills double chipper) fail in his attempt to get through Q School. I was even more shocked that he still played.
  • The strange tale of continues, this time with blogger Jay Flemma hitting back over some unfounded allegations posted by Travelgolf editor Tim McDonald. I guess has nothing better to write about given that it is silly season and all. Oh yeah, that’s right — they are supposed to write about travel and golf. I guess no one travels once it starts snowing in Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and the like. This has become snooze inducing in its predictability. Don’t you guys have to stir Tiger Woods to victory or something? Interestingly, there’s an interesting story on the Web about publisher Robert Lewis and his battle with Walters Golf in Las Vegas. Given their high journalistic standards I was surprised to hear Lewis admit he would not publish letters on that were critical of Walters’ Las Vegas courses while Walters Golf was advertising on the site. Once the advertising ended, the gloves, apparently very slowly, came off. I guess that’s being objective and doing a service to their readers.

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  • Anyone notice how this Jay Flemma character keeps telling everyone he “got positions” with Golfonline and Golf Observer? (meanwhile, why doesn’t anyone refer to it by it’s complete title? – Golf Observer Presented By Titleist).

    Well, try as I might, I can’t find anything at Golfonline with a Jay Flemma byline. And all I could find from Flemma on Golf Observer Presented By Titleist was some kind of stale history lesson on Old Tom Morris from July 16 and, in September, a four part story on great places to play that starts off with this hilarious opener: “The great American golf vacation is deeply woven into our national fabric. It is a way of life � our great panacea from the tribulations of our working lives.” Please, stop and re-read that. God, I nearly wet my knickers when I read that tripe! He makes these travelgolf sods look like pros!

    So Flemma, it seems, has published NOTHING thus far at Golfonline and just two “stories” in four months at this Golf Observer Presented By Titleist. No wonder the dolt didn’t win a Jazzy!

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