Our blog today in which Shackelford tries to be funny and David proves that when it comes to golf architecture, he's not kidding around

Here’s a story in which Geoff Shackelford tries very hard to be funny. I guess the Golf Digest raters’ summit is just too easy a target? Rubber chicken jokes and comments on the Grand Cypress course? Come on, Geoff, you can do better.

More interestingly, there’s a good story from the Scotsman on David McLay Kidd’s seventh courses at St. Andrews. Sounds pretty amazing, especially David’s comments on the quality of the site:

“Our design is retro, if you like, rather than contemporary,” Kidd said. “We’re not trying to re-create in Scotland the kind of course you will routinely see hosting tournaments in America on the PGA Tour. From the road, you don’t get the true impression of this site. The area which is the real gem is the land beside the edge of the water. Compared to Kingsbarns, we’re raised higher and don’t have their sandy soil. Our land is maybe 50 to 80 feet higher up. Because of that elevation, you could argue this course will have as much, if not more drama. You’re looking right across St Andrews Bay to Carnoustie. Some of the holes [the ninth, 16th,17th and 18th] along the water will deliver knife-edge golf. The inspiration for the shapes of those holes came from the braes, which are craggy and uneven with chunks of gorse hanging out.”

I’m going to attempt to locate the profile I did of David for and if I find it, I’ll post it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and the Pete Dye designed TPC of Louisiana may never open after the hurricane, according to Tim Finchem.

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  • Hey Rob! Good to check in with you again. I dont often disagree with you, but just for my $.02 Geoff makes salient points amidst his jabs. The corporateness and kitschy-ness of the whole AFFAIR reeks of self-indulgence. Geooff is razor-sharp precise when he 1) mocks Orlando as the tackiest city on the eastern seaboard, 2) exposes the ridiculously overpriced and under designed courses at the resort and 3) exposes the banal insipidness of many of the courses by several of the designers invited. You could re-name the entire thing “how to brainwash the well-heeled panelists into liking our courses and helping our MARKETING.

    We are in a battle for the soul of golf design. As one of our leading lights on fine architecture, I hope you’ll join me in wondering why Fazio, Nicklaus and Palmer ARE there…but Engh, Doak and Silva are NOT. To quote Alistair Mackenzie “the very soul of the game shrieks!”

    This has “feed the beast” written all over it. Don’t feed the beast, slay the beast…one spear at a time.

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