Tiger to design golf course

At least that’s what he’s saying in recent interviews. I guess since he only plays 18 times a year, he’ll have some free time to start work on competing with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold. How long until we see a “Tiger Woods Golf Community” tag on a new development. Wonder what the first “Tiger Woods signature golf course” can charge for a green fee?

Anyway, here’s what Tiger had to say about building a golf course:

Q: What are your plans for golf course design work?

Tiger Woods: Probably going to start here shortly actually.

Q: I know Retief has got one going and Ernie has got one.

Tiger Woods: Ernie has got a few actually. Yeah, I am going to start probably within next three, four years easily.

Q: Kelly Tilghman: Are you going to Tiger proof it?

Tiger Woods: (Laughs) One of the things that I have learned over the years I have been out here playing, talking to the guys who design golf courses, you can’t always design a championship golf course because basically who is putting up the bill? And here are the guys supposed to provide and create something, that’s what they want. If they want a resort course, they make it easy; if they want a championship course they make it tough. If you want something that’s pretty pen for a public golf course (inaudible), I mean obviously can’t make it like a championship golf course. So you are bound to what the client wants and that’s one of the things that I have certainly learned. I picked brains from Pete Dye and Jack and Arnold and obviously Robert Trent Jones and all those guys, the client comes first.Hopefully one day I will be able to design a championship golf courses. I will make it tough.

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