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Sadly, I heard today that John Tenpenny, the editor of Golf Canada, was let go by the Royal Canadian Golf Association yesterday. This leaves some turmoil at Golf Canada, which is published by the RCGA and generally has done a pretty good job. It has never been clear of its niche — it kind of competes with Score and Ontario Golf — but John did his best with the limitations he was presented with.
I wrote occasionally for the magazine, though that became more infrequent in recent years as my commentary in the Post, and apparently on this blog, ruffled the feathers of the RCGA’s brass. I wrote a piece about a pay-to-play event the RCGA and Bell Canada held at Shaughnessy Golf Club earlier this year, and apparently RCGA executive director Stephen Ross was none too happy.
None of this has anything to do with John, who gladly published several interesting features I sent his way, including a cover story on Scotland and a historical piece on lost Canadian golf courses. I assume he took some heat for this — I appreciate your integrity, John.
Why don’t you do John a favour and send RCGA executive director Stephen Ross ( an email telling him he’s doing a disservice to Canadian golf by not having a clue what to do with Golf Canada, which could be a valuable asset. Tell him I sent you — he’s my biggest fan these days, or so I’m told. It was fascinating in last month’s Golf Canada to see Ross defensively pleading the case for what he and his organization has done with the $40-million they received from selling Glen Abbey. This may have something to do with a series of emails sent by a Bay Street powerbroker making some pointed inquiries about the transparency of the finances of the RCGA and why they keep switching investment bankers. Apparently that had several people running for cover at the RCGA.
Interestingly, with no LPGA sponsor, no sponsor for a senior event and the distinct possibility Bell Canada could withdraw from the Canadian Open, what does the RCGA have left to promote? Oh yeah, amateur golf. That’s gone so well.
This organization should be a big benefit to Canadian golf. I think its current role is easily questioned.
All of this is too bad for John, a good editor and nice guy, who has been hung out to dry. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet.

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    I was sad to see John leave as well. Maybe now he can get back on the OG panel.


    P.S. Hopefully we can have a GCA get together soon…I’ve played a couple of beauties in the last month and I know everybody has had some great things on the go lately.

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