David Duval isn't finished

  • Lorne Rubenstein says that David Duval isn’t finished in a piece on I hope he’s right. I’ve always been fascinated by Duval, but I’ll admit to being one of those who now thinks he’s too far removed from his great years to ever play top grade golf again. Interestingly, Duval’s five year exemption for winning the British Open ends next year, though for Duval it must seem like a lifetime ago.
  • Curmudgeon Geoff Shackelford takes a nice run at The Donald on as well. My favourite bit of the story is this quote: “This course bears absolutely no relation to Ocean Trails,” Trump claims. “It’s brand new. We have all new fairways, new traps, new sand, new everything. We have done things here, like the waterfalls and these massive retaining walls to elevate the tees, that no one has ever done before.” Shackelford follows it up with a great zinger:
    “And there’s a reason why no one has done these things before. They look ridiculous.” The Donald thinks the way you alter a golf course is to add waterfalls. Ugh. Doesn’t anyone know that waterfalls, with the exception of natural ones, always look contrived on a golf course. But coming from someone with Trumps’ hair(piece), I think it is clear to say the man has little taste or style. Apparently Trump’s new course takes a ridiculously long time to play as well — witness the LPGA event held there this past week.
  • Finally, finally, my golf game seems to be coming back into shape. After only a couple of good rounds in Ireland, I shot 72 this past week. Thank god. Started feeling like David Duval there for a bit…

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