Mike Weir: "I'm nearly 100%"

So there’s a story in both the National Post and Globe and Mail today (link courtesy of about Mike Weir. Ostensibly Weir was in Toronto to announce a sponsorship deal with Dynamic Mutual funds (we only have press conferences for these things in Canada…)

“I feel really close,” said Weir, who has had a difficult year putting, not a good factor for a golfer who isn’t particularly long off the tee. At least Weir has stopped making excuses — I think everyone had grown tired of them. Interestingly, for a guy in such good shape, Weir complained in one of the stories that playing multiple events in consecutive weeks wears him out. Strange that, because Weir isn’t exactly Vijay Singh when it comes to teeing it up.

While we’re speaking of Weir and sponsorship, wonder if there’s anything to the rumour his deal with Taboo, a golf course in Muskoka that bills itself as “Mike Weir’s home course” (even though he lives in Utah) is nearing an end?

  • Speaking of rumours, everyone hearing the speculation about Glen Abbey? That’s all I’m saying for now….
  • On If they can pull up a link to the Globe and Mail’s golf stories, why don’t they link to my blog when I post my weekly column? Now the Post may restrict access on the Internet, but people can see my columns here. Ugh. Guys, if you are reading this, you know what to do….

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