The spectacular Ridge at Manitou; Toronto Golfnuts rocks!

  • Just back from the Ridge at Manitou, the new Tom McBroom course near Parry Sound. It was a pretty fantastic course, and I’ll post a full review and photos in the coming days. Some great downhill par threes, and subtlety was the rule of the day. That gave the course a timeless feel, which I’ve recently really enjoyed in McBroom’s work. Anyway, I’ve got to get caught up on some reviews — including Pine Valley (not a review, more a photo essay), Georgian Bay Club, Seguin Valley and some others. Nice to be playing some more regular golf, though I still am not hitting it off the tee like I have in past years. I made five birdies in my first round at The Ridge and still only shot 74. Ugh.
  • Stumbled across a cool Web posting site called Toronto Golf Nuts. A kind fellow there referenced Going For The Green, saying I was a “an excellent and under-read writer for the National Post.” I wish I wasn’t under-read, but I’ll take the excellent bit. Funny that. I was in the restaurant at the Inn at Manitou last night and the sommelier introduced me to a fellow who was at the restaurant with his female companion. The gentleman said, “Are you the Robert Thompson from the National Post?” Not being certain if that was meant as a good or bad question, I just shrugged and said, “yep.” Then I briskly said hello, grabbed Jen and headed for the door. Maybe he liked my writing, but I’m also concerned that people will be so bothered by the right-of-center politics at the Post that they’ll paint me with the same brush. Of course, maybe he just wanted to talk about golf. Didn’t matter – I was outta there.
  • Oh yeah. Some guy named Mickelson won the PGA Championship while I was playing golf yesterday morning. This isn’t news to anyone. However, I did pick him in the golf pool I participated in (run by Carrick Design), leaving me in second place and in the money! I love Phil! Interestingly, I picked Tiger to win the British and Masters, and Phil the PGA. Didn’t get Michael Campbell, but three out of four ain’t bad.

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  • Robert,
    I mentioned “under-read” only because the National Post does not have the circulation of the Star or the Globe. Perhaps the blog will help.

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