Daly can't clear the falls

The “big” news in Canadian golf yesterday was John Daly’s attempt to hit a ball over the Horseshoe Falls as part of a publicity stunt for the launch of Thundering Waters, a course that he helped “design.”
Well, not surprisingly, Daly couldn’t carry the falls, which spanned 340-yards. Canadian golf writer Brent Long wrote a freelance piece in the Globe and Mail about it, though it looked a bit like he was struggling for words to fill the piece. What do you say after pointing out Daly didn’t pull off the stunt?
So how is the golf course? I haven’t seen it yet. It was designed by former Ted Baker associate Boris Danoff. Daly, once more not surprisingly, had almost nothing to do with the course except to have his name put on it for promotional purposes. I wonder what kind of golfer actually seeks out a John Daly golf course? Do you have to have a couple of drinks and put a large wager on every shot?
Daly’s other “design,” Wicked Stick in Myrtle Beach, has never been thought of as a good golf course. Maybe Thundering Waters, which was built on land as flat as a table top, will be a better try.
That said, there have got to be some economic concerns about opening a golf course in Niagara Falls these days. The rise in the Canadian dollar and border security has kept a lot of American clientele away from the clubs in the area. And more courses keep coming online — including the Rees Jones’ designed Grand Niagara Resort — which recently opened for business.
Grand Niagara is also built on an uninspiring site, though an associate tells me the result is pretty good.

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