Impact of terrorist attacks on The Open; Thompson equals "Canada's golf god"

  • The terrorist attacks in London today were an awful reminder that these sorts of things can happen anywhere, anytime. The Sept. 11 attacks shut down the Ryder Cup. I wonder what sort of impact today’s attacks could have on St. Andrews next week? The Scottish Open is being played at Loch Lomond this week and the attacks haven’t led to a disruption. But the G8 summit is right down the road from St. Andrews at Gleneagles, and god knows what more might be coming.
  • Thomas Dunne, a writer I enjoy with T&L Golf has just published a story on golf in Holland. Worth a read. Check it out here.
  • More strangeness from, this one courtesy of tabloid writer Chris Baldwin (and I’m not joking about that). Anyway, he apparently wants to keep his position at, so he blogged an odd piece about me. The short of it is that he’s a big fan of Tim McDonald. Oh, and he calls me Canada’s Golf God, a title that is already held by Lorne Rubenstein. And he doesn’t understand that I write a once-weekly column and can’t get everything in I want every week. Read Baldwin’s rant here. These guys don’t blog much about golf lately — I’m their favourite subject.

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  • Who do you think you are? “George Bush’s War on Yerror?” Are you not against the terrorists? Besides that it isn’t “Bush’s War.” It is not even “Americas War.” It’s the World’s War against terrorism. Maybe you’re one of the terrorists yourself?

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