Jay Flemma at the Open

Worth checking out Jay Flemma’s A Walk in the Park blog to catch up with him at the US Open. He’s also blogging over at, for what its worth. They seem to bury him on their site, which doesn’t make sense to me. Of course he doesn’t spend a lot of time blogging about some shit course in Las Vegas, so perhaps it is no surprise. I wonder if editor Tim McDonald has managed to get word to Tiger Woods about his poor play to get Tiger to take his game to another level and win, just like McDonald claims to have done at the Masters. Cause Tiger’s handlers certainly read everything on….

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  • ” Cause Tiger’s handlers certainly read everything on….”

    Hey Rob, does it hurt when you start a sentence like that ? 🙂


  • After the excellent body of work Rob has exhibited over his career, and with regard to his individual and observant voice, I think we can alow him poetic license. Rob’s thoughts are good for the game. So is Rob for that matter.

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