Vijay Singh on Shaughnessy: I approve

It sounds like the start of a joke: So Vijay Singh, Mike Weir, Fred Funk and Chris DiMarco go to Vancouver.
Only it isn’t a joke — the Royal Canadian Golf Association, in a desperate move to draw people to the terrific Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club asked the four to come and play a round in an attempt to generate a buzz around the course.

Anyway, the utterly unlikeable Singh said the course has that old time feel that appeals to the PGA Tour. Oh yeah, just like those TPC courses they play every week.

“It has that traditional old-style feel and as players, those are the kind of courses we really enjoy playing,” said Singh. “With the way the course is laid out you really have to be a shot-maker to get your way around and I think any players who decide to compete this year will really enjoy the golf course.”

Once more, the RCGA used Utah’s, I mean Canada’s favourite son, Mike Weir to pimp the tournament. Makes you wonder how they sold the Canadian Open before Weir. Oh, right — it was once an important event.

Weir seems to think the players will like Shaughnessy.

“It really is a great golf course and I think that’s the consensus feedback you’ll get from the players during tournament week,” said Weir. “Today was a good opportunity to get a feel for the layout and I think by the time September rolls around, the golf course will really be up for the challenge.”

Hopefully he’s right — Shaughnessy is a pretty strong course and a great setting for the Open and Vancouver will certainly be behind the event. Now will that be enough?

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  • “Anyway, the utterly unlikeable Singh said the course has that old..”

    The man still wins week in and week out ..too bad folks like you can’t handle that!

  • “Anyway, the utterly unlikeable Singh said the course has that old..”

    As the previous poster said, too
    bad you can’t handle that. Vijay
    is a nice guy. Maybe not to you.
    Just as you may be a nice guy to
    the folks you like, but sure
    aren’t to guys like Vijay. Sad.

    Take your prejudice and go do something
    other than covering Vijay.

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