Carlsbad Confidential Slap Down

So Carlsbad Confidential, the blog that was supposed to dish the true dirt behind TaylorMade’s competitors, has fallen victim to its own lawyers.
The guys who post on the site have noted that over the last few days TaylorMade lawyers have become increasingly interested in the site and its legal consequences for TM. I’m a little surprised because while the site started off interestingly enough, it has become pretty tame as of late.
So, apparently, Carlsbad Confidential will become another victim of “the man” and turn into some sort of official site in the near term. Not that it was much more than that anyway — praising players who had won the week before using the R7 or such.
Simply another example of a blogger getting shaken down, though I question how much relevancy the site had as of late.
What surprises me most is that TM’s marketing department wasn’t smart enough to see they had something in Carlsbad Confidential that could have worked in the equipment maker’s favour without having to appear official. But I’ve dealt with corporate lawyers before — and they aren’t big on thinking outside the norm.

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  • I’ll have to admit, that it was my idea to make it “official.” I figured that it would be dishonest to have any kind of corporate involvement and still tell people that there wasn’t. I felt it was very important to be as transparent as possible.

    I love the post that Erik has asking what people would look for in an official blog. I will watch the responses and try to keep them in mind as we go forward.

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