John Daly to drive it over the Falls

  • Spent yesterday at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show, which is always a useful networking event and provides an opportunity to see what new courses are opening and promoting themselves around Ontario.Among the interesting courses opening is Thundering Waters, created by Boris Danoff with loose canon John Daly. Apparently as a promotional gimmick when the course opens in August, Thundering Waters is going to pull Big JD away from the craps tables and have him attempt to hit a ball over the Horseshoe Falls. The aim is to have the ball land on the American side, a 350-yard carry, according to one of the course’s owners. I guess it’ll depend on how many brown pops John has had — but I’ll bet he doesn’t pull that one off.
  • Lots of Toronto-area private courses (Weston, Mandarin, Thornhill) were at the show looking for members. I think that says a lot about the state of Canadian golf at the moment. Apparently Weston is now offering a deal where individuals can pay $1,000 and then the membership dues for one year, as opposed to the big initiation that is common at such clubs. I guess that just goes to show how desparate some clubs have become in their search for members.
  • The Royal Canadian Golf Association yesterday announced that Bob Panasik and Wilf Homeniuk will enter the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. Which begs the question — does anyone actually go to the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame?

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  • My golf club normally requires a $2500 initiation fee (plus normal dues). They’ve been running a $500 special. The old baby boomers are getting old, moving south, retiring, and dying. They ain’t golfin’ so much anymore.

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