Official wine of the Royal Canadian Golf Association? Really.

In one of the strangest press releases to cross my e-mail boxes in some time, the Royal Canadian Golf Association announced that Penfolds has become its “official” wine. As such Hold on here — Penfolds is an Australian wine. Couldn’t the RCGA, which is the lead golf organization in Canada, come up with a Canuck winery? Being an intrepid reporter, I called RCGA head flack Victor Cui and asked about this official wine business.
Cui said the RCGA hit up numerous Canadian wineries to become the “official wine of the Canadian Open” without luck. Then Penfolds agreed to come on board, apparently.
Of course, all of this begs the bigger question: Why is there an “official” wine at all?
What’s next? The official prophylactic and lubricant of the Canadian Open? The official cooking oil of the Canadian Open?

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