No problems with the golf ball? Don't tell that to the long drivers at Riviera on the weekend.

The fairways may have been soaked with rain, leaving balls plugged, but it didn’t stop some of the tour’s top pros from hitting it tremendous distances at Riviera over the weekend.

These guys are good? Maybe. But those same guys are simply hitting the ball too far now. The USGA or the PGA Tour — or both — needs to bring this distance issue in line with reality, so courses like Baltrusol, which hosts the PGA this year, or Pinehurst No.2, home to the US Open, don’t get overwhelmed. This has simply gotten out of hand — akin, if you ask me, to baseball allowing juiced players to hit 70 home runs without asking any questions.

These stats, indicating some of the longest tee bombs from the past weekend, are courtesy of Shotlink via Geoff Shackelford’s note in today’s Golf Observer. Tiger Woods isn’t in the list because, according to reports, he was busy working up a sweat with Elin. It is all in the timing, apparently.

John Rollins 3rd hole Round 1 375 yards 64 to the hole
Geoff Olgilvy 3rd hole Round 1 359 yards 77 yards to the hole
J.L. Lewis 3rd hole Round 1 353 yards 80 yards to the hole
John Elliott 9th hole Round 1 324 yards
(uphill!) 122 yards to the hole
John Daly 12th hole Round 1 347 yards 118 yards to the hole
Lee Westwood 12th hole Round 1 339 yards 125 to the hole
Brendan Jones 12th hole Round 2 328 yards 126 yards to the hole
Adam Scott 15th hole Round 1 345 yards 145 yards to the hole
Hank Kuehne 15th hole Round 2 331 yards 141 yards to the hole
Robert Allenby 17th hole Round 1 338 yards
(uphill!) 264 to the hole
Adam Scott 18th hole Round 1 332 yards 120 yards to the hole
David Howell 18th hole Round 1 364 yards 86 yards to the hole

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  • I disagree as well. There’s a common misconception that today’s golf ball is longer than balls a decade ago. In reality, the balls spin much more than they used too. The distance balls of yesteryear go just as far as the Pro V1. However, those balls were rock hard and didn’t spin worth a dime.

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