Steel to overhaul Musselburgh?


Once more, the Scotsman comes through with an interesting tidbit about Donald Steel potentionally overhauling the historic Musselburgh links because the race track with which it shares land is looking at an expansion.
I’ve liked some of Donald Steel’s work — like the Kintrye course at Turnberry or Redtail near St. Thomas, Ont. — but last year I played the Eden course at St. Andrews, a project he renovated, and came away distressed.
The Eden was a Harry Colt design — full of wild greens right alongside the Old Course. Some of it was brilliant — until you hit the four holes Donald Steel did on the back nine.
Then you were handed four of the most uncharacteristic holes you’ll ever find on a links course, with flat greens and one of the worst North American-looking ponds you’ll see anywhere. Made me wonder why anyone would hire Steel, who is regarded as an expert on links golf, to renovate anything. At the Eden, he clearly demonstrated he has no ability to mirror the work that made up the rest of the course.
Anyway, the saga of Musselburgh, arguably Scotland’s oldest course, is ongoing…..

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  • i,ve played musselburgh old since i was a lad. it has gone through a number of changes since i first played with my father back in the late 1960,s. i now live opposite the old first green.i was interested in your comments with regard to donald steel and the changes he made to the eden golf course at st. andrews. along with various others i am against the so called improvements that are planed on the back of the horse racing expantion.mainly as it is a carrot so as to allow �12m to be spent on horse,s with �500k on oldest golf course in the world in doing so it will make a mockery of golf course with all weather track and lighting geting in the way of golf.this is common land for the use of people living in or around musselburgh and the plans do not take this into proper would not exist today if it wasn,t for the rights that we scotsman/everyone have enjoyed on such common grounds in the past.hopefully we can beat the local council/horse racing group,and look to the future with a stronger input in the golf course,s dirrection coming on the back of this.p.s planning has been withdrawn.but new plans are coming shortly.old course golf club are to have an e.g.m in may once donald steels plans have been looked at by its members there will be a vote either in favour on against!to go to the new planning old planning application stated that the members were in favour of changes??

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