While reading through a website this evening, my wife, Jennifer noticed that Top Flite was inadvertantly spelled “Flight,” a gross mistake within the golf world.
Of course, she immediately said “KWOGAS,” the acronym for the organization she says she’ll one day set up. The acronym stands for – Knowledgeable Wives of Golfers Appreciation Society and Jen uses the expression to point out all of the things she’s learned about golf just by being in a household with a man addicted to hitting a little white ball with a club.
It is fascinating to see her knowledge in the game expand — she can tell you most of the great golf courses in the world, name all of the best golfers (she even has a few favourites), name the type of ball I like and tell you (within a couple) how many golf shirts I own. All of these, she regularly points out, are KWOGAS-worthy and should be praised.
She’ll even sit through a few hours of the occasional tournament, especially if Mike Weir is in the field or it is at a notable course like Augusta or Riviera or Muirfield, places I’ve often spoke of or have played myself.
For a girl with no interest in sports previously, these are big breakthroughs. She still couldn’t tell you what a lag putt is, but she can tell you Bobby Jones’ full name. Impressive indeed.
I often wonder how many other wives of golfers have learned more about the game than they ever hoped. It is kinda like osmosis — if you’re around it long enough, you kind of just take it in.
I think it does bother Jen some — even though she’s often impressed by herself for knowing that Tiger won the last British Open at the Old Course, she’s kind of loathes the fact she knows that.
I’m sure that’s the case with many so-called “golf widows.”

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  • Ya, my fiancee Pinta can relate. She knows the location of every notable GTA club cause I’ve repeatedly pointed them out when we go for a Sunday drive. She knows Islington Ave. better than any west end street, by far.
    She does complain sometimes about my affair with golf but I think she appreciates the passion involved.


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