The never-ending PGA Tour

Here in Toronto the weather is cold and there is ice on the ground.

In Hawaii, apparently, it is a whole other world and the PGA Tour returns this weekend after its 15 minute break . I was speaking with my brother about this recently and he voiced his wish that the tour actually shut down for a bit. After all, he said, the season doesn’t really begin until the Tour’s best hit the green grass of Georgia. While I disagree with my brother on a lot of matters, here’s one where we see eye-to-eye. Let’s have some sort of lay-off. Without it, it sure seems like there is a lot of golf not worth watching.

However, this weekend’s tournament at Kapalua, a grand Coore and Crenshaw golf course, is one worth tuning in to. As the inimitable Geoff Shackleford points out in his story of golf courses on the tube this year, there are some interesting tracks upcoming.

Bring on the U.S. Am and Merion! What a course.

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  • I agree, Robert – there are some of my favorite tracks coming up and some tourneys of interest. First, I only get to see Hawaii two weeks of the year…usually when I’m on golf vacation in florida for the holidays…Kapalua is dun for its 600 yd par five thats a drive and 8-iron and other quirks. Next, Riviera is a favorite of mine. Classic design, major tourney pedigree…cool greens on the par threes on the front. We’ll also get to see Torrey Pines, soon to host an Open. Most golfers cringe when anyone brings up the kegger that is the Scottdale tourney, but I find the potential train wrecks amusing. I hope I’m not “feeding the beast” in that regard. Plus I love saguaros. Finally, I hope you’re sitting down when you read this, but I love the Tour championship as much as The Masters for one reason. Sawgrass is the public’s cherished venue. We can’t play Augusta, but we can play Sawgrass.

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