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4 responses to “Scotland: You’ve been Trumped (Trump International Scotland)”

  1. ian andrew

    I also thought a lot of the course.

    But the number of elevated tees, windy nature of this coastline, amount of exposure to the elements and narrowness of the corridors might make this a questionable Open venue.

    It may be a risky proposition.

  2. James Pyper

    Excellent review of the course. Look forward to playing it myself in July. Rob, any local chatter about constructing the second course, or any of the originally proposed massive residential development, or has the Donald closed his file on Balmedie to spite of the Scots for proceeding with the offshore wind farm and turned all his European attention to Doonbeg?

  3. Ru Macdonald

    Gents, the second course is on hold until the legal battle with a wind farm off the Aberdeen coast continues. Mr Trump has only used roughly 25% of his site.

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